Chrono Wars is Just Edited Version of League of Angels

Chrono Wars just edited version of League of Angels. The game is a little bit more adventurous than LOA II. You are going to have fun with skill effects first, however then you will figure out that you will need to pay to the game for improving your character on the game or you will spend months for upgrading a skill or item. Of course I believe that players should support game developers but asking for cash to every single specs of the game is really unfair and it damages to gameplay.

I haven’t seen something important about the story line of the game while I was playing. I believe mini games or browser games like Chrono Wars and LoA don’t care much for story.

Skill effects are fun but the general graphics are poor. It needs some updates. I haven’t seen any online player on the game or miss them while I was hunting. There can be a few people but I believe community is almost dead.

I have seen many negative things about the game but at the least customer care was very responsive to me. I don’t know how are they against other players though.

I don’t know if I can recommend this game for you. I am still playing it. Heh. It is free to play at the least, free to try without paying.

Nguyễn’s Votes for Chrono Wars

Story: 2.4/10

Gameplay: 3.6/10

Support: 6.2/10

Item Variety: 6.8/10

Graphics: 6.1/10

Community: 5.5/10

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