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Disclaimer Notice

In no way we are affiliated with all games we have mentioned or reviewed on GameRanks.Net nor we claim ownership or involvement in the making of the game. We are not also affiliated with game publishers and developers at all. All credit of the game pictures and videos in our pages goes to Game Developers and Publishers which we have already mention on the review pages. All pictures, logos, videos and other works belongs to their respectful owners.

Prices on GameRanks has been published with the same date with the post, prices can change with multiple discounts and special offers. GameRanks.Net is not responsible with price changes of the games. However you can still contact us about that.

Gameranks.Net doesn’t manipulate game reviews with publisher/developer offers. We are strict about fair reviews and we will not raise rankings and voting points of a game for any offers. We don’t also allow users to manipulate game reviews and rankings. Gameranks.Net has right to not to accept a review which is manipulating game rankings.

GameRanks.Net doesn’t also accept responsibility for user reviews. All content and reviews belong to GameRanks.Net. All rights reserved.

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