Adventures That You Can get Pure Water on GoTA

Pure Water is an important item for produce Dragons on Game of Thrones Ascent. You can get it from adventures and also produce it on some buildings on the game. Pure Water is also important for production of many other items. We are going to tell you which adventures you can join to get this item on this page.

Unfortunately there is only one adventure that you can obtain Pure Water on Game of Thrones Ascent. You can go to Volume II and check 84 level Adventure which is called Repair Damaged Floodworks. Your chance to drop Pure Water is only 2 percent on this adventure. However if you have many command points and Sworn Swords, you will increase your chance to drop this item.

You can also produce Pure Water on Alchemists Guild and Arbor. Alchemist Guild is a building that you can construct on the game at anytime. However you need to be sworn at House Tyrell for Arbor building.

Adventure List That Drops Pure Water

Volume Adventure Name Level Drop Rate
II Repair Damaged Floodworks 84 2%

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