Adventures to Get Black Ash on Game of Thrones Ascent

Black Ash can be obtained with the fail of production on Game of Thrones Ascent and you can get it from Adventures. If you don’t want to involve to production on the game, you can send your party to adventures to obtain this items alternatively. Black Ash is a resource item which will help you to production of many items on the game. Especially you will need this item for producing units and equipment which is needed for Dragon production. You can find a list of adventures on here to get Black Ash. There will be also drop rates of them.

List of Adventures to Get Black Ash on GoTA

You can check the adventures below for getting these items on Game of Thrones Ascent. There are two adventures available to obtain it and both of them inside of Volume II.

Volume Adventure Name Level Drop Rate
II Patrolling the Bay 61 5%
II Raid Brothel for Traitors 93 7%

It is recommended to go for Raid Brothel for Traitors since it has 7 percent drop chance. However you need to be level 93 to send your party to this quest. If you are lower than 93 level, you can still go for Patrolling the Bay which is Volume II’s level 61 adventure. You will able to gain uncommon resources while you are looking for the ash.

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