Adventures to Get Wildfire on Game of Thrones Ascent

Wildfire is one of the most needed items for produce items on Dragon Pit and Reliquary. You can produce these items on Alchemist Guild but you can also obtain them with Adventures of Game of Thrones Ascent. However it will be hard for you to get them through quests since the drop rate is really low. We will mention about these missions which you can send your army on this page and you will get some detailed information.

List of Adventures on GoTA to Get Wildfire

There is not much option for you to get Wildfire on adventures. You will only get wildfire with level 98 Volume III adventure. The drop rate of the item is not very high but when we compare it with other rare items, it is not also very bad. You will need to send your party a few times to obtain this item. It is also high possibility to get rare resources in Gather Fast-Flying Ravens.

Volume Adventure Name Level Drop Rate
III Gather Fast-Flying Ravens 98 1.5%

You need to:

  • Click (or tap) one of your Sworn Swords.
  • Click on adventure party.
  • Click on “Set Same for all”.
  • Select Volume III
  • Go to Level 98 Quest.
  • Send your party.

You can also get more information of GoTA Adventures, Items, Equipment on GameRanks :

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