List of Adventures That You can Get Crystal Sword

Crystal Sword is one of items which you will need to obtain while you are producing dragons on GoTA. Some adventures have this item, however drop rate of the item is very low and it will take long time to drop them on  adventures. We are going to provide the list of adventures who will drop this item on  this page. We hope that our list is going to be useful for you.

Adventures to Get Crystal Sword

In GoTA, there is only one adventure that you can obtain the sword and it is not producible in buildings of your castle. The drop rate is not very high of the item. You can get Crystal Sword in 90 level Adventure of Volume II.

Volume Adventure Name Level Drop Rate
II Rescue the Lost Ranger 90 1.1%

The drop rate of the item is 1.1 percent. It means you will need to do this adventure several times. If you have a huge army with high CP and if you are lucky enough, you can get enough amount of Sword in a few times. The item will help you to produce Great Horn which you will need in Baby Dragon production. The item also has good stats for your Sworn Swords and your character if you are beginner on the game and if you don’t have better weapon in your character or Sworn Swords.

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