List of Adventures That You can Get Incense

Incense is very important item for you at dragon production process on Game of Thrones Ascent. You can get Incenses from adventures and you can also produce them at buildings of your castle. However production of incense can take your too much time. We recommend you to get these items with the adventures and you can find here a list of adventure to find these items. We hope that you will be lucky and you will able to loot these items from adventures as soon as possible.

Adventures to Get Incense on Game of Thrones Ascent

There are two adventure options for you to get incense from adventures. One of them is Thwart Superstitious Cult at Volume 2. Thwart Superstitious Cult is a level 63 quest. The other quest is Repair Fairmarket Bridge which will appear at level 82.

Volume Adventure Name Level Drop Rate
II Thwart Superstitious Cult 63 1.5%
II Repair Fairmarket Bridge 82 2%

Repair Fairmarket Bridge have the highest drop rate in the list with 2 percent drop chance. Actually it is not very low rate for GoTA. If you didn’t reach the Level 82 yet, you can still try the other quest Thwart Superstitious Cult. While you are trying to do all these adventures, you can also try produce the item in your production buildings.

Good Luck!

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