List of Adventures That You can Get Scorched Cuirass

Scorched Cuirass is an armor on Game of Thrones Ascent that you can use production of Master Armorsmith. The item can be found in adventures of the game only and drop rate of the item is very low. You will need to work hard for dropping this item from the Adventures. Scorched Cuirass is also only available in the last adventure stage of GoTA. (Volume V) Scorched Cuirass is a legendary armor which doesn’t have high stats, however if you are new at the game, they can be useful for you. We recommend you to use this item at production of Master Armorsmith at the late stages of the game.

Adventures to Get Scorched Cuirass on Game of Thrones Ascent

Unfortunately there is only one adventure that you can obtain Scorched Cuirass at the moment. You can go to Volume V and go to 25 level Adventure called Track Armor Purchasers. Send your party to complete this adventure. The drop rate of the item is lower than one percent. So we recommend you to not to expect much. However if you have large amount of Sworn Swords and high command points, you will able to find armors pretty fast.

Volume Adventure Name Level Drop Rate
V Track Armor Purchasers 25 0.5%

There is not any alternative way to obtain Scorched Cuirass.

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