List of Adventures to Get Ceremonial Bowl on GoTA

Ceremonial Bowl is one of the items which you will need much for Dragon production and you will also need this item at multiple productions on Game of Thrones Ascent. You can produce this item if you are sworn to House Martell and if you already built the glasshouse. If you did not, you will need to find them at adventures. We are going to give you a list of adventures for you here to find these items. We hope that it will guide you to get Ceremonial Bowls on the game.

Adventures to Obtain Ceremonial Bowl

There are two quests that you can obtain this bowl on the game. Clear the Icy Forest will be a good start for you if your level is lower than 92. However its drop rate is lower than the other adventure. You will have 1 percent chance to get bowl with Clear the Icy Forest. You can go to Volume II, Level 58 for complete this adventure.

The Mad Dog Bounty is the best adventure to get ceremonial bowl and you will have 2 percent drop chance. You need to be level 92 or higher for sending your party to The Mad Dog Bounty. You can fo to Volume II, Level 92 for it. You can see the list below for more info about quests:

Volume Adventure Name Level Drop Rate
II Clear the Icy Forest 58 1%
II The Mad Dog Bounty 92 2%

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