List of Adventures to Obtain Valyrian Glyphs

Valyrian Glyphs one of rare resources which you won’t able to produce on GoTA but obtain with Adventures. You will able to produce multiple items with Valyrian Glyphs on the game. We are going to give you detailed information on how to find this resource on the game and a list of adventures that will help you to find the location of items. You can ask any question with commenting this page or you can ask us question through Contact Us page of GameRanks.

Adventures to Find Valyrian Glyphs

There are three adventures to find Glyphs on the game. There are different drop rate of each quests. Feed Starving Smallfolk have the highest drop rate with 1.5 percent chance. Bring Overdue Justice is providing many good rare resources, however its drop rate is the lowest. Quell a Smallfolk Riot have 1.2 percent chance. Feed Starving Smallfolk is a 100 level Volume II; Quell a Smallfolk Riot is a 78 level Volume II; Bring Overdue Justice is a 125 level Volume III adventure.

Volume Adventure Name Level Drop Rate
II Quell a Smallfolk Riot 78 1.2%
II Feed Starving Smallfolk 100 1.5%
III Bring Overdue Justice 125 1%

If you need Sacrifice,Valyrian Glyphs and Weirwood resources, we recommend you to start to do adventures with Bring Overdue Justice. However if you only need Glyphs, we recommend Feed Starving Smallfolk for you. You won’t able to get any other rare stuffs on this adventure. For lower levels Quell a Smallfolk Riot seems the only option.

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