House Baratheon on Game of Thrones Ascent

House Baratheon is generally focused on fight and constructions on Game of Thrones Ascent. You can find detailed information specialities of this house on this page.

Fealty Talents of House Baratheon

House Baratheon’s talents are generally focused on battle skills, item produce and construction expenditure on the game. You can find all list below:


  • You can construct Feast building.
  • You can construct buildings 24% cheaper maximum.

There are many buildings on Game of Thrones Ascent and you need to invest serious amount of gold to construct them and upgrade them. 24 percent discount will help you to save some silver.


  • You can increase your fight defence and attack 16% (max.) more.
  • If your sworn sword is dead, you will able to replace it 16% (max.) faster than normal time.
  • You can protect 1200 silver in PtP battles maximum.

If you have focused on fight and if you would like to improve your fight skill on the game, 16 percent defense and attack bonus is going to be awesome for you. 16 percent faster sworn sword recovery is also another advantageous bonus of the house.


  • If you produce legendary or peerless units, you will have chance to have improved result with 16% (max.) chance.
  • You can produce wood in Feast Building.
  • You can produce stone in Feast Building.

16 percent chance (passive) to get improved items from producing is a good amount of chance. You will able to get your items with high stats with this chance. You can also produce extra resources like wood and stone in Feast building of the house.


You can produce these items and units on Feast Building of the house:

  • Fool (Common)
  • Mummer (Uncommon)
  • Warhammer (Rare)
  • Pocketed Belt (Rare)
  • Moonstone Brooch (Rare)
  • Parade Mummer (Rare)
  • Heavy Warhammer (Legendary)
  • Master Crafted Warhammer (Peerless)
  • Aurochs (Rare)
  • Seal of Stag (Rare)

Master Crafted Warhammer is a shiny item of Feast Building of House Baratheon and you can obtain this item without spending gold coins. However you will need to work much to get it still. Aurochs is a rare unit but it is also an important unit to get Dragon on the game.

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