House Greyjoy on Game of Thrones Ascent

House Grejoy is one of families which you can gain experience fast for your Sworn Swords on Game of Thrones Ascent. There are also many other abilities of the house. We are going to give these abilities here. We hope that it will be helpful for you.

Fealty Talents of House Greyjoy

House Greyjoy is a family which you can improve your battle skills and you will able to gain very fast experience with this house on GoTA. Their bonuses are generally based on attacks and moving fast. You can see rest of bonus you can get with this house below.


  • You can construct Shipyard with this house.

You can scroll down to see items you can get from shipyard.


  • You can increase your harass damage with Greyjoys and you will also increase your harass defence. (Maximum 16%)
  • You can protect your 1200 silver (max.) on PtP battles.
  • You can gain 24% silver (max.) from harass, fight and steal attacks.
  • If you encounter with a player on the game, you will receive¬†24% silver (max.) silver.

Greyjoys is a family based on attacks and there are many bonuses for your attacks on this house.


  • You can complete adventures 24% (max.) with Greyjoys and that makes a huge difference for levelling on the game.

Completing adventures 24 percent faster is going to be awesome experience for you since you will gain experiences quite fast.


  • Iron from Shipyard.
  • Fish from Shipyard

Obtaining extra resources from another building can be useful for you at times.


You will able to produce these items through Shipyard on the game:

  • Sailor (Common)
  • Ship (Rare)
  • Surcoat (Rare)
  • Poisoned Ring (Rare)
  • Reaving Ship (Rare)
  • Elite Reaving Ship (Legendary)
  • Grand Cuirass (Legendary)
  • Master Crafted Cuirass (Peerless)
  • Dragon Horn (Legendary)
  • Seal of Kraken (Rare)

Dragon Horn is very useful item for producing Dragon on Game of Thrones Ascent and one of the most useful items of House Greyjoy. Master Crafted Cuirass is a peerless item that you can obtain without gold coins. It has good harass bonuses.

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