House Lannister on Game of Thrones Ascent

House Lannister is one of the strongest families in GoT TV series. It is also very strong on Game of Thrones Ascent. We are going to tell you bonus stats you will get if you are sworn to Lannisters on GoTA on this page. We hope that it will be informative and useful for you.

Fealty Talents of House Lannister

Talents of Lannister are generally based on expenditure and trade attacks through your enemies. There are also many other bonuses of House Lannister which will be very useful for you in PtP, AvA and Adventure.


  • You will able to construct mine with House Lannister. This building is only available for Lannisters.


  • Lannister’s main skill is Swindle. The skill is a trade skill in theory, however it is a battle skill more than trade. You will get (max) 16 percent Swindle defence and attack bonus with Lannisters.
  • You can protect (max.) 1200 silver in PtP actions.

Swindle will be one of the main skills for you especially in AvA events. You can harm your opponents seriously with Swindle and wound your enemies.


  • You will spend less silver (max. 16%) while producing weapons.
  • You will spend (max.) 16 percent less silver while producing armors.
  • You will spend (max.) 32 percent less silver while producing units.

You will create many weapons, armors and units in the game and paying less for creation of these items will help you to save a lot.


  • You can produce ore in Mine.
  • You can produce iron in Mine.

While you are producing resources in your Village Center, you will able to obtain ore and iron in the mine.


You can obtain these items, equipment and units on the Mine:

  • Jeweler (Uncommon)
  • Common Red Gem
  • Silk Gloves (Rare)
  • Moonstone Torc (Rare)
  • Sweetsleep (Rare)
  • Jeweled Armor (Legendary)
  • Alloy Torc (Legendary)
  • Extravagant Torc (Peerless)
  • Seal of Lion (Rare)

Extravagant Torc is a peerless item which you can create on mine. It has a good Barter stats. Jeweled Armor is also another important item for you. You will able to use this item on production of Dragon.

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