House Martell on Game of Thrones Ascent

House Martell is a house which is based on Intrigue on Game of Thrones Ascent and their main skill is sabotage. You can get sabotage and faster quest complete bonuses with this house. We are going to mention about all benefits of Martells on this page.

Fealty Talents of House Martell

House Martell’s fealty talents are based on sabotage, armor production bonus and faster quest complete than normal time. You can find more information below.


  • You can construct Glasshouse building of Martells.

Glasshouse is a nice building that you can obtain intrigue and sabotage units.


  • You can sabotage your enemies with 16% percent bonus maximum.
  • You can protect 1200 silver maximum from PtP attacks.

If you are focused on Sabotage or Intrigue, Martells will be a good option for you. You will get good amount of bonus for sabotage defense and attack.


  • You will have 16% luck bonus (max.) to obtain peerless and legendary items with improved result.
  • You will able to produce weapons (non-luck) 16% faster (max.) than normal time.
  • Produce Horse & Grains in Glasshouse.

Having 16 percent passive luck bonus without using gems will be a good opportunity for you to have unique items. You will also produce weapons with 16% faster production bonus. That will help you to obtain your items faster.

Adventures and Quests

  • You can complete your quests on the game 24% faster than normal time.

There are many quests on the game and completing quests with 24% faster than the normal time will be very good bonus for you.


You can produce these items and units on Glasshouse:

  • Spear (Rare)
  • Spearman (Rare)
  • Halberdier (Rare)
  • Moonstone Bracelet (Rare)
  • Courtier’s Outfit (Rare)
  • Ceremonial Bowl (Uncommon)
  • Masterwok Spear (Legendary)
  • Filigreed Outfit (Legendary)
  • Nobleman’s Coat (Peerless)
  • Seal of the Sun and Spear (Rare)

Nobleman’s Coat is very good peerless item for those who wants to do faster attacks. It has good intrigue stats and it gives 3 percent faster attack bonus. Ceremonial Bowl is also important item for producing Dragon in the game.

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  1. After got reliquary from Targaryens, I started to play with Martells. I had awesome bonus for sabotage and I am not planning to reincarnate now. I love intrigue attacks on GoTA. Martells are the best for Intrigue class. Steal and Spy does not make difference much. Sabotage is always needed on AvA and Adventures.

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