House Stark on Game of Thrones Ascent

If you sworn House Stark on Game of Thrones Ascent, you will able to use many good features of this house on the game. There will be multiple things that you can do with features of this house. You will find information about the house on here. We hope that it will be useful for you.

Fealty Talents of House Stark

You will able to gain some unique stats with fealty talents of House Stark on the game. Stark fealty bonuses are generally based on construction and the support. These are the main things you will get with House Stark:


  • You can construct your buildings faster with House Stark, construction speed will be faster (max.) 16 percent than normal time.
  • You will able to construct Hunting Lodge.

16 percent faster construction is always good for those who are planning to reincarnate for multiple times. It will make things faster for you. However you will need to re-incarnate 8 times to learn this skill fully.


  • You can get (max.) 16 percent extra bonus to your Aid stat with House Stark.
  • You can protect (max.) 1200 silver in PtP actions.
  • Your sworn swords will heal their wounds (max.) 24 percent faster.

Aid is the most important skill for sending a reinforcement on Game of Thrones Ascent. It doesn’t harm your opponent but it helps your allies to defend themselves. Many alliances use to have players who has sworn to House Stark on the game.


  • If the unit is not based on luck, you will able to produce it (max.) 16 percent faster.
  • You can produce extra fur and cloth in Hunting Lodge.

Basic unit production is very important for you if you are planning to have better units on the game. This is how you can create better units.

Hunting Lodge

You can produce these units, weapons and equipment on Hunting Lodge of House Stark

  • Hunter (Uncommon)
  • Tracker (Common)
  • Cuirass (Rare)
  • Fur-Trimmed Cloak (Rare)
  • Longbow (Rare)
  • Warm Fur-Lined Cloak (Legendary)
  • Taut Longbow (Legendary)
  • Master Crafted Longbow (Peerless)
  • Great Horn (Legendary)
  • Seal of the Wolf (Rare)

Master Crafted Longbow and Great Horn are the most important items in House Stark’s Hunter Lodge. Master Crafted Longbow is a peerless item which you can obtain without spending golds. That will give stats to your Aid sworn swords. It is also making aid attacks 3 percent faster. Greater Horn is very important item for producing dragons.
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