House Tully on Game of Thrones Ascent

House Tully is one of trader houses of Game of Thrones Ascent and their best ability is bartering with other players on the game. If you are focused on trading on the game, you can pick this house. There are also many other features of the house that you can get. We are going to mention about these bonuses and other fealty talents of house on this page.

Fealty Talents of House Tully

You can get bonus silver from some actions and faster production with House Tully. Let’s mention about rest of these bonus and talents below.


  • You will able to construct with Fishery with House Tully.

You can get good trade units and items on Fishery building.


  • You will have 16% Barter bonus (max.) for attacking and the defense.
  • You can protect 1200 gold (max.) from PtP attacks.
  • Gain 8% (max.) silver from trade actions on Adventures.

If you are making too much Barter actions on PtP, you can get more bonus with Tullys. You will able to generate 8 more gold from Adventures.


  • Gain 24% (max.) more silver while selling armor and weapons.

While you are selling useless items in your inventory, you will able to get more silvers from armors and weapons.


  • 16% (max.) faster resource production.
  • You can produce fish and smallfolk with Fishery of Tullys.

Resouce production is always important for you to construct buildings and produce items.


You can produce these items on Fishery:

  • Fisherman (Common)
  • Fishing Boat (Uncommon)
  • Net (Uncommon)
  • Ledger Book (Rare)
  • Moonstone Necklace (Rare)
  • Random Resource (Get common or uncommon resources with luck)
  • Master Ledger Book (Legendary)
  • Heirloom Necklace (Legendary)
  • Extravagant Necklace (Peerless)
  • Seal of the Fish (Rare)

Extravagant Necklace is a nice peerless item for barter defence. You can have this item from fishery without paying gold.

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