House Tyrell on Game of Thrones Ascent

House Tyrell one of the great houses of Westeros and this house based on trade skills on Game of Thrones Ascent. You will get trade bonus, faster production bonus and discount bonus with being sworn to Tyrells on GoTA. We are going to give detailed information on this page about talents of Tyrells on this page.

Fealty Talents of House Tyrell

If you are focused on trading on GoTA, House Tyrell is going to be very useful for you with their talents and bonuses. You can see talents of the house below:


  • You can construct Arbor.

Arbor will provide good intrigue and trade units, armors and many other items for you.


  • You are going to have 16% bonus for bribe attack and defence if you are sworn to Tyrells.
  • You can protect 1200 silver in PtP attacks.

If you are focus on Bribe attacks, Tyrells are the best for you.


  • 8% (max.) faster production for all bonus items. (Such as boons, foods, drinks and gems.)
  • 16% faster production for armor items which is not luck based.
  • Extra grains and horse production on Arbor.

Bonus items are very important for you since they will never be destroyed if you even reincarnate. You will also save time with faster armor production.


  • You will able to purchase Sworn Swords with 40% (max.) discount.

You will need more Sworn Swords when your Garrison Point increased on the game. 40 percent discount is very good for purchasing these units.


  • Standart Carrier (Common)
  • Arbor Gold  (Common)
  • Black Diamond Ring (Rare)
  • Greathelm (Rare)
  • Poisoned Cask (Rare)
  • Pure Water (Common)
  • Bascinet (Legendary)
  • Undetectable Posion (Legendary)
  • Deadly Poison (Peerless)
  • Seal of the Rose (Rare)

Deadly Poison is very good peerless item for those who has Sworn Swords with Sabotage skills. It provides 10% sabotage attack bonus and 3 percent faster attack. Pure Water is one of the key items for producing Dragons on Game of Thrones Ascent.

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