How to Remove Sworn Swords on Game of Thrones Ascent

Generally we buy too much Sworn Swords for AvA Phases and your squad can be completely a mess after you got many of them. If you would like to get rid of Sworn Swords, we are going to tell you how to remove them on this page for you. You can click on all pictures to enlarge them on this page. Let’s begin…

Get Rid of Sworn Swords on GoTA

Firstly you will need to click or tap on Shop which is located bottom menu of the game. It is on the middle of character and friends button on the menu.

The shop will be open after you click on this section. We have nothing to buy on the shop but we are going to sell. You need to click on “Sell an Item” button.

We don’t recommend you to sell peerless and legendary Sworn Swords. Click on Filter by section and select “Common” for not to sell Peerless Sworn Swords accidentally. If you would like to sell all of your temporary Sworn Swords, you don’t need to use Filter by…

After you filter common, all your common resources, Sworn Swords, items, any other equipment and units will be listed. There are buttons just near of your Sworn Swords which is called “Exile”. Please click on this button to remove Sworn Sword from the list.

After you are done with the common Sworn Swords, you can filter uncommon and rare Sworn Swords and sell them on the game. After exiled your Sworn Swords, refresh the game page.

It is recommended to use filter by selection before selling items and units on the game. Otherwise you can sell items and units which you need and you won’t able to get them back on the game. May be if you contact support, you can fix the problem but it’s not guaranteed that contacting support will help you.

You can use our guideline and FAQ page for getting more information about Game of Thrones Ascent and ask questions:

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