Add Friends on Game of Thrones Ascent

Adding friends is very important for Game of Thrones Ascent players since you can level faster with missions which your friends will invite you. There are several ways to add friends on the game. We are going to provide information for adding friends in this post. Don’t forget to join missions of your friends and barter with them.

GOTA Player Tool

We are going to give information for this tool on our incoming pages for you. However you can still find information on how to add friends through this tool on here.

  • Click here to go to GOTA player tool.
  • There are buttons at the bottom of the tool you see in your screen. Click on “Friend Invite Links” button like we have shown in the picture below.
  • Choose the platform that you play Game of Thrones Ascent next. You can select it as written in description. FB= Facebook, DB= Disruptor Beam, Kong= Kongregate, AG= Armor Games, Mobile= Android and iOS. Select your platform with clicking on one of these options.
  • Click on add button to add new friend on the game. 
  • There are also many other useful feature of this application. You can check other features of this tool.


Forums are also the best way to find friends on Game of Thrones Ascent. We are going to tell you how to do that.

  • Click here to go to forum page of Game of Thrones Ascent which you can find friends.
  • Take a look at forum posts in this header. This is official “add me” threat of Game of thrones ascent.
  • You can see ID of people there and some add me links.
  • For adding an ID, you will need to copy ID of a player.
  • Then go to your GoTA account and click on “Friends” button.
  • Then click on “Find Friends button” 
  • Click on “Search” box and paste the player ID into the box. Hit enter or click on search icon, then add your new friend.
  • You can also click on direct links. After you click on the link you will get a notice like “{“status”:”friend_request_sent”}” in a white screen. It means you have sent the friend request.

Getting More Friends on Game of Thrones Ascent

  • You can register your player ID to Game of Thrones Ascent Player Tool and you can get more friends and friend requests with help of this tool. You don’t need to create an account.
  • You can also reply “Official Add Me” threat of GoTA forums which we have already mentioned above and you can get more friends and more friend requests on the game.

Benefits of Having Friends

  • Having friends on the game will help you to level up really quick with mission invitations.
  • You are going to have seals from the tasks which you have joined. These seals can be very important at times.
  • You are going to get many items which you produce in hours with friend missions.
  • You are going to get many favors (gifts) from your friends and these items can be very important at production and building.
  • You can request help from your friends at times and you will have more allies.


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