What is a Permanent Item on Game of Thrones Ascent?

Permanent item is any item in your inventory that you won’t lose when you reincarnate in the game. We are going to describe permanent item here and also tell you difference between temporary items and permanent items on this page.

Permanent Items

Permanent items are generally painted with golden color and you won’t lose these items if you even lose a sworn sword who wears that. (While you are reincarnating.) These are generally peerless items however sometimes Disruptor Beam can reward permanent items to you which are lower classes. There is two way to understand if your item is permanent or not.

Check the Border Color of Your Item

The border color of your item should be the golden color. You can see the picture below. It is colored with golden color. If it was temporary item it would be the grey color.

Check Seal Side of Your Item

If you want to ensure that your item is permanent or not, you can click on turn icon on your item. You can check the picture below to see where to click.

Then you should see the permanent text on your item.

You will not lose any of these items while you are reincarnated and all of them will be your characters inventory. You can see your inventory after you achieve level 5 (after the reincarnate).

Temporary Items

Temporary items border color is grey and you can easily understand if an item is permanent on temporary with this difference. You can see an example of a temporary item below:

You can have peerless items as reward and you can get them from some events. However peerless doesn’t mean that that item will be permanent. We recommend you to check all of your items before you reincarnate. Otherwise you can lose your important items.

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