Which House is the Best on Game of Thrones Ascent?

All houses have many positive sides on Game of Thrones Ascent, so it won’t be right to call a house “It’s the best”. Actually it is important that “what is the best for you?”. “Do you plan to reincarnate?” Houses give many good opportunities for you. However if you ever reincarnate and go to another house, all advantages you had will be very limited. You will able to give only one permanent point to your old house stats in fealty section on talent. We recommend you to check speciality of Houses on fealty and make your choice.

Which House is the Best for You on Game of Thrones Ascent

There are some important skills of each houses on the game and you should make your choice with that:

  • Starks: Faster construction and faster production.
  • Lannisters: Decrease amount of silver you spent on producing weapons, armors and producing units.
  • Greyjoys: Faster adventure complete and more damage to enemies.
  • Baratheons: Spend less silver on construction and upgrade. Increased chance to obtain better units.
  • Targaryens: Gain more silver from quests. Increased chance to obtain better weapons.
  • Martells: Faster quest complete. Increased chance to produce better armors.
  • Tyrells: Faster armor production. Faster food production.
  • Tullys: Faster resource production. More silvers when selling items.

You can check these abilities for getting the best house for yourself. As we have told you at the beginning of this page, it is important that what do you need. You need resources? Armors? Level for your sworn swords? Make your decision  and sworn to your house!

What Should You Do If You Reincarnate?

If you would like to reincarnate, you will lose all points which you have given to talents and all your talent stats will be reset. However you will able to give a permanent point to a fealty talent. This talent should be the house which you have taken before reincarnate.
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