Imperian is a Real Role-Playing Game with Open World and Sandbox Features

I believe MUD games are wronged by many gamer & review website. Imperian is one of the best examples of MUD games. If you play Imperian, what will you find in the game:

– Very nice storyline of the game.
– An open world fantasy game.
– Meet with creative people and you will befriend them.
– If you also like a sandbox game, this game is for you.
– Craft and create things. Even your home, bloodline, etc.
– You can get engaged and married with other players. You can also blood brother any players you like on the game.
– There are many unqiue and known classes & races of RPG on the game.
– Very nice, kind and fun player community.
– A large world to explore.
– You can read stories about the history of Imperian realm which is written by gamers and you can also write some.
– I should admit that this game is a little bit expensive but I have never regret that I have spent for the game before.
– You will have siblings, husband/wife, uncle, aunts, grandmas, grandpas in the game and they will be a player like you.
– You will have a real role-playing with this game. Current MMORPG games are far from being role-play game.
– There is a nice support of the game. I have played this game, may be more than 7 years or more. Always I got answers of my questions in 24 hours maximum. Generally I got support by game staff in minutes.
– There are countless hunting areas in the game.
– It is a text game and you will not find any graphics for this game. However when you compare it with other MUD games, Imperian looks very shiny.
– You can play the game on any mobile and any OS.
– This game helped me to learn English for years.

Imperian is my first and the last MUD game experience.
I was thinking that this game was dying about 2 years ago. However it is going well nowadays and I hope it will. Have very nice memories on this game.

I have a strange relation with this game though. I am telling “I will quit this game” more than 4 years and I go back to a few months later.

Story: 10/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Support: 10/10

Item Variety: 9/10

Graphics: 6.1/10

Community: 10/10

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