Knight Online Login Server Connection Failed Error

Sometimes, you can get “Login Server Connection Failed! Please retry connecting!” error on USKO and EUKO and also steam. If you don’t know why you are getting this error, you are going to get some information on here. There are several reasons of login server connection error. You can fix some of these problems, however sometimes it can be server related problem. So you will need to be patient, until KO team fix the problem.


Why You Are Getting Server Error on Knight Online

1-) Server Issues

Sometimes, you can get this error because of the server. We recommend you to check main page of Knight Online first and take a look at announcements if there is any server maintenance. Knight Online always announces server maintenance and restarts. If there is not any announce about this, it can be a temporary problem. So we recommend you to try connect again in 5 minutes.

2-) Connection Problems

You can get this error because of internet connection problems or slow internet issues. If you think that you have a problem with your internet connection, you should call your service provider. Sometimes you can not connect some servers with some IPs for several reasons, if you are not using Dedicated IP for your internet connection, unplugging your internet connection is going to resolve this problem.

3-) VPN and Proxy Usage

We don’t recommend you to use VPN and Proxy while you are playing at online games. It will kill your connection at times and it may cause you to lose massive experience points at games like Knight Online. You can even get banned from the game because of VPN and Proxy use.

4-) Changing DNS

It is known that DNS services causes some troubles at times, however it also resolve your problems. If you are getting this error while you are using a DNS service, remove it from network settings. If you don’t already use DNS, we recommend Google DNS service for you.

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