Knight Online Easter Egg-citement Events

Knight Online has announced Easter Egg-citement event after the server reset in 13th April 2017.  There are many good features are awaiting you in this event and you will able to gain many good experience during the event. The event is generally based on experience gain and nation point. KO team of NTTGame has also announced that the event will end 09.05.2017.

How Can You Join the Easter Egg-citement Event?

You don’t need to do something particular for join the event. All you need to do is hunting and gain random experience from the creatures you hunt.

Easter Rooster: Easter Rooster is one of the common creature of easter events of Knight Online. You can get 5 eggs when you kill it and it appears in front of the Luferson Castle and El Morad Castle at every 8 hours. If you are around of the rooster, you will able to earn good amount of experience points.

Experience Event: Do your quests and enter genie hunts, doesn’t matter… You will get bonus experience from creatures you killed in the game during the event. It will be good timing for getting level 83 in the game.

Nation Point Bonus: Join wars during the event time and earn more nation point bonus from your each kill on the game. You can also earn these extra bonuses from Ardream and Ronark.

Bunny Scrolls: You can get bunny transform scroll from Power Up Store in the game. They are limited! Hurry to get one!


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