Knight Online Fight for Freedom and Justice Event

Knight Online has announce Fight for Freedom and Justice event with an average role play story recently. The event could be more interesting if they have written a good story on that. However prizes of the event is very good and players can earn it with a good performing at the wars. You can get more information on Justice Event.

According to story Karus begin to prepare for a war against Logos and human. Manes will lead the war for freedom, justice and equality. Some of El Morad groups will also join the war for the right of Karus nation.

3 individual from those armies will be declare Knight and you can be one of them if you join the war.

Rules of Freedom and Justice Event

You will need to join wars and get NP as much as you can. If you get in TOP 3 monthly rankings you will receive NPoints from NTTGame. Totally 6 players will earn rewards. Top 3 players from Humans and Top 3 players from Karus.

When will Event End?

The event has started 01.04.2016 and it will end 30.04.2017.

Which Servers Included to Event?

Players who are playing at Manes, Diez, Akara, Ares, Olympia, Gordion, Destan and Rosetta can join this event.


  1. 2000 NPoints
  2. 1600 NPoints
  3. 1200 NPoints

2 Reviews

  1. Hello,
    I am curious if players who has level less than 60 can join this event. My account has a 59 level archer in Ares. And If I be 6th in El Morad, will I able to get any rewards?

    • Hello American Rogue,
      Any players at any level can join the event. Unfortunately only first three individuals can earn the prize. So you need to be top 3 at rankings. Good luck!

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