Can I Get Back My Stolen Items in Knight Online?

There are many hack and stolen items ¬†issues on Knight Online. There can be several reasons about that. This can be happen because of some websites which can steal your data from your pc, fake Knight Online sites, sharing computers, game glitches, account sharing, etc. If your items has been stolen from your account and if you want to get them back, it is almost impossible. There was rollback in the past in Knight Online but it doesn’t exists at the moment. However accessing someone’s account in a game or in another social platform is forbidden legally in some countries. You can try take a legal action against the theft.

Knight Online Team is generally don’t feel responsible about thefts in the game and thefts has became almost an ordinary part of the game. The game is providing paid security for their users but you will still see many reports that some of these users has been hacked or their items has been stolen from their bank or inventory.

What Happens to Items Stolen in the Game

Unfortunately, you won’t able to get your items back and if you even tell that your items has stolen, you won’t get any help from the game administration about the situation. We believe that, it is always easy to find what is going on at server logs and it must be easy to find the thief if items are stolen.

Things You Should Do for Your Account Security

  • Use OTP for your Knight Online account. You need to have NPoints for using this software. So it’s paid.
  • You can use lock item feature of the game which is paid.
  • Don’t use illegal softwares.
  • Don’t enter websites which people make their advertisement in the game. Trust Google Search. It will provide you sites without viruses and malwares.
  • Don’t play Knight Online in a computer which you don’t own.
  • Don’t share your account access with someone else in the game.
  • Don’t even share your password with your best friend.
  • Don’t purchase items or other stuffs from the sites which hasn’t been approved by Knight Online Team.

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