Can I Go to Ardream If I Drop My Level to 59?

There are many strong players on old servers of Knight Online.¬†People who are just begin to play on these servers, thinks that they can handle wars and they get higher level than 60. Some of them can not handle war against strong players and they want to drop their levels to 59. One of the most asked question about Knight Online is “Can people go to Ardream if they drop their levels to 59?” The answer of this question is yes and no. We are going to tell you why you can’t go Ardream and how you can go there. You can ask more questions about that with commenting this page?

I Drop My Level to 59? Why I cannot Go to Ardream?

  • If you have complete your 2nd Job quest (Master Quest) in Knight Online, you won’t able to go to Ardream at all. However if you have complete the level 60 quest for open your 60th level skill, you won’t able to go to Ardream with this character at all.
  • If you haven’t complete the Master Quest in the game but if you can not go to Ardream yet, it’s because you haven’t reset your stats and skill points yet. Go reset your stat and skill points and try enter Ardream again.

Please note that: If you have done master quest, it doesn’t matter if you even drop your level. If you even drop your level to 1, you won’t able to enter the Ardream at all.

I Did Master Quest, What to Do?

There is not too much thing to do really. You will need to create a new character and level up him/her to 59 really fast. That’s all you will need to do. If you create your new character in same class with your current one, you can transfer your items through the bank. So you won’t lose anything.

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  1. I would never lose exp for go to Ardream really. Eslant is fun! I also love join war with big guys. Ardream is for losers

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