How Should You Give Skill Points for a Rogue?

Rogues are one of the most preferred classes in Knight Online and you should think twice while you are giving skill points to a rogue. You should firstly decide about which job you will prefer to have. There are two options for you. Assassin and Archer. Assassin does massive damages in PK in the game and there are many good features of this job. However Archers are also doing good damage from the range and you can use multiple arrows while you are fighting against your enemies and while you are hunting. Multiple arrows are also doing massive damages too. Archers also are very advantageous at hunts with genie. If you prefer to purchase NPoints, you will love to have Genie items.

How Should You Give Points to Your Skills

There are not much options for you, you will need to pick Archery skills or Assassinate skills. If you prefer to be an archer you need to give your all points to Archery and rest of your skill points should go for Search.

If you would like to be Assassin, you should give all your skill points for Assassinate and rest of your points should go for Search.

You receive 2 skill points for each level up and your skill points (for each skillset) can not exceed your current level. Example: If you are level 55 archer, your Archery points can not exceed 55 points.

How to Pick a Skill

You don’t need to do much for pick a skill. You should give points like we have shown you in the video above. You should pick your skill carefully, otherwise it will be very hard for you to reverse it and it can be expensive. We recommend you to check your basic skills. There are some basic archery and assassinate skills there. Try them and decide about the best option for you. Also you can look at Bazaar at Moradon. You can check weapons for Archers and Assassins. If you don’t want items to cost you much, bazaar will be a good guide for you.

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  1. I am rogue! I want to be assassin but already gave a few points to archery! What should I do? Is it ok or I should change it?

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