How to Get a Pet on Knight Online

If you would like to have a pet on Knight Online, you will need to do Pet quest first which can be taken from Familiar Tamer Kate in Moradon Castle. You can click here to learn more about the quest. After you complete it, you will receive two items as a reward. These are a Kaul Egg and 5 familiar summon item. Now we are going to tell you how to make this egg a pet on this page for you. We are going to give you more details about usage of these familiars in other page.

How to Get a Pet

  • Visit Kate and get the pet quest from her.
  • After you complete the task, you will get some items as rewards: Kaul Egg and Familiar Summon Scroll.
  • Right click on Kate and click on the “Familar Hatching and Transform” button.
  • A new window will appear in your game screen. You will need to drop your Kaul Egg into the box which is located left side of the window.
  • After you placed Kaul Egg to the box we have showed above, a box will appear and it will ask you to name your pet. Please do not use inappropriate language for your pet’s name. That may cause you to ban on Knight Online. Think twice while naming your pet.
  • After you give a name to your future pet you will need to click on “OK”.
  • The game will ask you “Would you like to incubate the egg?” click on confirm button to go ahead and congratulations! Now you have a pet.

This is how you can get your familiar on the game and you will able to use it. We are going to give you more information on familiars in our guideline, so you will able to control them as you wish.

Other Ways to Obtain a Pet

  • You can create more than one character with an account in Knight Online. You can do the familiar quest and you can put your egg or your pet into your bank. (Inn Hostess) You can login with your main character in the game and you will have the pet.
  • Many players are selling pets at the merchant. You can purchase pets from them but it can be expensive for you if you don’t have enough coins. Pet prices are different by each servers. You can find level 1 pets at between 3m-10m prices (depends on the server you play).

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