How to Give Stats to a Rogue (Assassin or Archer) on Knight Online?

If you have a rogue (Assassin or Archer) and if you don’t know how to give stats your character on Knight Online, you will find some information on here. You can click on the pictures to enlarge it which we have provide on this page and figure out how to give your points. There are three important kind of armour for Rogues. These are Chitins, Chitin Shells and Mythrils. Please don’t forget that your main stat is Dexterity and your secondary stat is Health. Dexterity is called DEX and Health is HP in your stat bar. You can open your stat bar with typing “U” on your keyboard. You can give 3 stats to your character for each level up.

You can wear chitins, chitin shells or mythrils at different levels. Chitins will be available for you after level 35/40. You can wear chitin shells and mythril after level 60. You can also wear Krowaz at Level 75.

Please don’t give any stat points to Intelligence nor Strength. They won’t be useful for you at all.

Recommended Stats for Rogues (Assassins or Archers)

Rogues are generally those who are below 60th level. Assassins and Archers are those who has completed the second job quests which is called Mastery in Knight online. For each levels and armours, you will need different stats for HP.

Stats for Beginner Rogues (1 – 30 Levels)

At the beginning of the game, you will want to level up faster and you won’t need to wear a good armour but you will need to hit harder and equip better weapons. We recommend you to give your all stats to Dexterity (DEX) until you get level 30.

Stats for Level 30-59 Rogues

Now you get higher levels and your tasks are get harder. Creatures started to damage your character significantly. You will need to wear better armours now. If you are not planning to get level 60 and remain as a Ardream character, you will need to give certain amount of HP stats your character.

If you are not planning to get higher than level 59, these are stats you should give for your character:

  • The best armour you can wear is Rogue Chitin Armour Pauldron +10 (+21 Rebirth). It requires you to have 90 HP and 162 DEX.
  • You should certainly make your HP 90.
  • Rest of stat points should go for DEX.
  • You can start to give 1 stat point to HP and 2 point to DEX after level 30 or you can make your HP 90 asap and give rest of points to DEX.

Stats for Level 60+ Assassins and Archers

If you are getting higher level than level 60, then you will need better armours and better weapons. If you would like to wear better armour, you should give stat points to HP more than level 59 charactters.

  • The best armour you can wear is Krowaz Assassin Upper Garment or Mythril +10 (+21 Rebirth). Required Health is 94 for the item.
  • You should certainly make your HP 94 at the least.
  • Rest of stat points should go for DEX. When you reach 255 Dexterity, give your stat points to HP.
  • You can give 1 stat point to HP and 2 point to DEX after level 30 until you reach 94 HP point. After you reach the goal, give your points to DEX only.

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