How to Play Knight Online – Beginner’s Guide

If you are new on Knight Online, this guideline will help you to how to play the game. We are going to provide basic information for you on this page. If you would like to learn more about the game, you can check our other videos and and guides. With this basic information we will give you information on how to place your skills into your skill bar and how to attack a creature. You can also place some items to skill bars in the game. You can find detailed information on our video in this page.

How to Play Knight Online

There are short keys at knight online or you can use your mouse at all to play the game. Firstly you should take a look at your inventory to equip your items and then place items to your character. Let’s tell you how to do it. Please click on pictures to enlarge them and type “Esc” to quit from picture view.

  • Type “I” on your keyboard and your inventory will be open or click on inventory section on your screen.
  • After you saw the inventory box, check your weapons and items that you can wear, if you have a good weapon or an armour, wear it or replace it with your current armour. You can right click to item to replace your current item or drag it to the reasonable place.
  • If you think that you all set with your weapons and armours, you will need to know how to use your skills. To open your skills type “K” on your keyboard. There will be a list of skills for you. Right click to add skills to your skill bar automatically or drag your skill bar to near of skill box and drag all skills to your skill bar as we have shown in video. You can also check the picture below.
  • Now you can use these skills through typing “1” and “2” on your keyboard. (Not numpad though) To add potions to skill bar, you will need to open your inventory again and drag potions to your skill bar.
  • Now you are ready to attack a creature. Go to near of a monster out of Moradon and select a creature. Worms are good to start with… Go near of a Worm (You don’t need to get closer to creatures with archers and wizards) and hit “1” button on your keyboard. If it didn’t die, do it over and over and when your health is low, don’t forget to drink your health potion from the skill bar.

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