How to Upgrade an Item on Knight Online

You can strengthen your weapons and armors in Knight Online and you may have better weapons. The only way to strengthen weapons in the game is upgrading it through Magic Anvil which is located at middle of Moradon Castle. Your item needs to be unique or upgradeable item. Upgradeable item names are purple in the game and you will see upgrade item text under the name of the item, like we have shown below in the picture or it needs to be a unique item.

You can upgrade Unique and Upgrade Items on Knight Online. Let’s show you how to upgrade a weapon.

How to Upgrade Normal Items (Low, Middle, High Classes)

  • You need to check your items class first for upgrade an item first. If your item is a low class item, you will need an Upgrade Scroll (Low Class item). For middle class weapons and armours, you need a middle class Upgrade scroll. For high class items, you will need a blessed upgrade scroll). There is already Upgrade Scroll which is called NUS at the game. That will help you to upgrade items to +5 however item destroy rate is very high for NUS.
  • Our item is low class and we want to upgrade it. We will go to Charon and purchase a Low Class Upgrade Scroll and a Low Class Elemental Upgrade Scroll. Elemental scrolls are enhancing elemental damage to weapon. You will need Enchant scroll for armors which you can see second page of Charon’s bazaar.
  • Now we are ready for Upgrade. Magic Anvil is located near of Charon in Moradon Castle. Go to near of the Anvil and right click on it. Click on “Upgrade Item” to see Upgrade window in your game screen.
  • Right click on the item that you want to upgrade, and place your elemental to one of 9 boxes in upgrade screen.
  • Click on “Confirm” button to upgrade the item and click on “Confirm” again. Now your item can be destroyed and vanish or you can get a stronger weapon like in the picture above.
  • We added 10 elemental damage to our weapon with elemental scroll. We can increase Attack Power and Elemental Damage of the item with upgrading with a low class upgrade scroll. Right click on item again and place the low class upgrade scroll one of 9 boxes of anvil gain.
  • Click on confirm button and then click on confirm button again to upgrade the item. Now your weapon has better elemental damage and Attack Power.
  • You can upgrade the item like this several times. However your chance for upgrading the item will drop for each successful upgrade attempts for a weapon. Example: You can upgrade an +1 item with 100 percent success but this chance will drop for +3 item. You can upgrade an item to +10 Maximum in the game. However we don’t recommend you to go that further if you don’t have any bonus items (like Trina).


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