Knight Online Ban Policy – Rules of Gameplay

There are several people that has banned from the game for several reasons. Are you curious reason of bans? We are going to give you Knight Online’s ban policy here and here is the list of things that you shouldn’t do while you are playing the game. It will also help you about the gameplay.

Ban Reasons on Knight Online and Rules

Spamming on Chat Window (3 days – Permanent Ban): One of rules of Knight Online… You shouldn’t disturb people with spamming on chat and shout.

Player Harassment (7 days – Permanent Ban): If you disturb, swear and annoy a player several times, that can be a ban issue.

Whisper Spam (3 days – Permanent Ban): Disturbing players through spamming on game messaging system.

Offensive Languages (3 days – Permanent Ban): Using inappropriate language publicly.

Rude Language against GM (GM Decision): Using inappropriate language against a GM.

Advertising Websites and Programs (Permanent Ban): Advertising websites, tools, software and programs for the game is forbidden.

Illegal Character Name (Permanent Ban): Character names with inappropriate language is not allowed.

Law Violation (Permanent Ban): Violating law of your country through Knight Online.

Requesting Account Information of Other Players (Permanent Ban) : You can’t demand information of other players on Knight Online. Even attempts may end up with permanent ban.

Account Hacking, Theft, Unauthorized account access (Permanent Ban): Robbing other players, hacking accounts and accessing other players account.

Using illegal software, duplicating items (Permanent Ban): Using a software which will allow you to cheat on the game, duplicating items with a software or codes or different ways. Duplicated items will be deleted from the game.

Game interference or gameplay disturbance (15 Days – Permanent Ban): Luring monsters to a hunting are and let other players to die, luring creatures into the town and causing players and merchants death, disturbing another party members with clan, trade and party requests and more.

Taking advantage of bugs (GM Decision): Using bugs knowingly.

National Point Abuse (Permanent Ban) : Using cheats for gaining national point, national point transfers, etc.

Auto-Looting (Permanent Ban) : Auto-looting with illegal software and macros are not allowed.

Bot usage, hack and 3rd party tools (Dungeon – Permanent Ban) : Bot usage and 3rd party tools are not allowed on Knight Online. Softwares which are modifying game specs, modifying game files and changing them, etc.

Clans which gains National Point illegaly (Violaters will be banned permanently, clan will be dissolved): 

Inappropriate clan names and logos (Leader will be banned permanently, clan will be dissolved): Creating a clan with abusive language and using inappropriate clan logos, using names and branded marks with copyright, insulting other players or a clan with a clan name and such.

Inappropriate King Notice (Warning – Permanent Ban): Kings shouldn’t advertise through notice and should use appropriate language against other players. This shouldn’t also politics and religious. The language of notice should be English or Turkish.

Payment fraud (Permanent Ban)


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  1. An account of mine has been banned a few years ago. Is there any way to remove ban? I have been in a koxp party but I didn’t know the lad was using illegal software!

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