Ways to Find a Priest (Rezzer) Who can Resurrect You

Finding a priest who can resurrect is one of the hardest thing in Knight Online. Especially if you don’t have any friends online, things are going to be harder for you. We are going to tell you a few ways to find a rezzer for you on here. We hope that it will help you about resurrection. Before you seeking the priest, please ensure that you have stone of life in your inventory. If you don’t have any of these stones, you shouldn’t wait at all since priests can not resurrect you.

How to Find a Rezzer

Seek Party List

The first thing you should do is looking to list of seeking party. Generally resurrection priests are registering this list. After you open to list, take a look at classes. + symbol is Priest class. Message (whisper) all priests that you need a resurrection or you can just ask them “Rez?” If you get a positive answer, tell them your location and amount of stones that you carry.

Check Your Clan

If you have joined a big clan, it is highly likely that there is a few priests who can resurrect in your clan. Type “U” and then select clan in the box. Take a look at online people and their classes and hopefully you will meet a rezzer.

Ask People for Help

Asking help from people may also save you but you need to meet very good one when you died. Because you will hardly find someone who will seek for a priest for you at town. You can bribe people with some coins and ask them for help. May be it will work better.

Befriend Some Priests

Befriending some priests will always help you much. If you have some healers, rezzers and buffers in your friend list, you will never have trouble in the game when you dead, when you go party and when you are at war.


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