What Level You Need for Merchant in Knight Online?

Knight Online doesn’t allow you to purchase items from player merchants and you won’t be allowed sell items with merchant feature of the game until you get certain amount of level. It is one of the most important feature of the game since economy is very¬†necessarily on KO. The game has removed merchant for newbies because of security reasons and not allow cheaters to turn back to the game and settle everything again easily. You will able to get the merchant ability after you get level 35. So you will able to purchase from players and you will able to sell your goods in the game.

I Reached Level 35, I can not Use Merchant Ability and I can not Trade with Players

This is sad, however KO want SMS verification from you and if you would like to verify your SMS, you need to purchase NPoints from the main page of the website. NTTGame requests 5 NPoint for each security related attempt. Since you have 0 NPoint at the beginning of the game, you will need to purchase it. If you don’t want to purchase it and if you think that you can earn NPoints through Events, you can click here to check most recent Knight Online Events. You can also click here and check free NPoint coupons and promotions. After you click on the link, just click on Free Npoints button. You will find more detailed information there.

If I don’t Verify SMS?

Nothing happens, don’t worry about that. Just stay away from people who are using illegal software in the game and play a clean game. You will never trade with other players since you haven’t done the SMS verification. If you love to play KO, you can enable this feature in the future. Good luck with that.


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