Items You Need for Making a Wirinom in Knight Online

Wirinom is one of the most useful swords in Knight Online, however it is quite hard to get it. It has decent damage and it has many good specs for beating your enemies on the game. You can obtain this weapon from Shozin in Moradon Castle, however you will need to combine some other items to obtain this precious weapon.

Items You Need for Making a Wirinom and Drop

  • 10 Ancient Dragon Tribe Swordsman’s Blessed Stone: You can obtain these items from bosses in Ronark Land. These are Hell Fire, Enigma, Cruel and Havoc.
  • 50 Dredium Collected from Horns: Mining in Ronark Land with mattock.
  • 80 Draki’s Horn Powder: Mining in Ronark Land with mattock.
  • 10 Nightmare Crystal: You can obtain these items from fragments which you can get Bifrost. These fragments are items like Fragment of Avarice, Fragment of Jealousy, Fragment of Arrogance, Fragment of Gluttony, Fragment of Rage. You can purchase them from Bazaar or you can get them from creatures in Bifrost. You will need to open these fragments at Chaotic generator. You can get Nightmare Crystals, High Class Items, Blessed Upgrade Scroll, Armor Enchant Scroll, Weapon Enchant Scroll or Unique items as result.

When you collected all these items, you will need to visit Shozin and select manufacturing from his menu. Then place all required items for Wirinom and click on combination to get your new item.

Specs of Wirinom

  • Your target won’t be teleported in the battlefield by someone else.
  • It will decrease your targets attack and defence 5 percent.
  • Forces your enemy to drop his skills.
  • Decreases HP of the target.

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