Items You Need for Producing Raum in Knight Online

Raum is a dagger which you can obtain from Shozin in Moradon Castle. There are many good specs of the weapon you can use against your enemies and allies. We can tell you attack of the Raum is good. You can purchase better weapons with better attack power from player merchants. However speciality of Raum makes many differences with others.

Items You Need for Raum and Creatures Which Drops It

  • 10 Ancient Dragon Tribe Assassinator’s Blessed Stone: This items can be obtained from Ronark Land bosses. Generally Enigma, Cruel and Hell Fire drops these items.
  • 50 Dredium Collected from Wing Bones: You need to mine at minining are for collecting these items at Ronark Land.
  • 80 Draki’s Wing Feather: You need to mine at Ronark Land with mattock.
  • 10 Nightmare Crystal: You can obtain these items with Chaotic and Bifrost fragments at Chaotic Generator. These are fragments you can purchase: Fragment of Avarice, Fragment of Jealousy, Fragment of Arrogance, and other fragments which are looking like items we counted but different color. You can also obtain these fragments from Bifrost events in the game.

After you collected all these items, visit Shozin in Moradon Castle. Click on Manufacturing and then “Yes, Please show me your power.” Add all required items into the item combination boxes and click on combination to get your new item.

Specs of Raum

  • You won’t able to teleported by someone in your party for sometime with Raum Dagger.
  • Decreases your enemies attack and defence 5 percent.
  • Your enemy won’t able to use hp recovery potion for sometime.

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