What is Apples of Moradon?

Apples of Moradon is a quest item which you will need on your beginner quests in Knight Online. If you are beginner in the game or you are new with first quests of the game, we recommend you to keep these items on your bank or in your inventory. If you ever decide to create a new character on the game, you will need Apples of Moradon badly for leveling faster. You will need these items generally in quests of Moradon. You will also need them at castles of El Morad and Karus.

Which Creatures Drop Apples of Moradon

These creature will drop apples of Moradon:

  • Almost all creatures in Moradon.

What is the price of Apples of Moradon

Actually no one selling Apples of Moradon. However if you would like to try selling them with merchant you can try these prices:

  • 1000 – 5000 coins

You can try sell these items near of NPCs who are giving quests related with Apples of Moradon. (Example: Guard Patrick)


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