What is Prayer of Favors?

Prayer of Favors is a scroll (an ingredient) that will help you create the best health potion of Knight Online which is called Water of Favors. For using this item you need to be level 60 priest and you need to learn priest healing skills fully. Otherwise you won’t able to create potions with another class nor other priest skills. There are also other prayer scrolls as Love, Grace and Life. However favors is the best prayer scroll. You will able to create 720 health recovery potion with these scrolls. You can earn good amount of coins with these potions. If you would like to sell these potions, it’s recommended to create merchant near of a potion seller.

What is Effect of Prayer of Favors Scroll

No effect on individuals at all. Prayer of Favors is an ingredient for creating 720 hp recovery potion.

What is Price of Prayer of Favors

Prayer of Favors is the best prayer scroll and it is the most expensive one.

Buying from NPC: 2420 Coin

Selling to NPC: 550 Coin

You can buy these scrolls from sundries at most of places. Generally players don’t sell these items through player merchants.

Selling to Players: Approximately 1500-2200 Gold

Where to Find Prayer of Favors? Which Monsters Drop It?

You can buy these scrolls from any sundries at cities and towns. It is not very expensive. Any monsters can drop these items, however drop rate is not very high though.

4 Reviews

  1. I have quit to play Knight Online about 1 year ago. I was at Ares server and I was level 80 priest and I have made about 450m coin in a month.

    • I wish I was a priest too. That is really good amount of money and I have never knew that priest can produce Health recovery potion.

  2. I am 60th level buffer and I would like to be afk merchant on the game. I will generally sell potions on the game. If I sell only potion of favours, can I generate some GB in a few months or in a month?

    • Hello Monte,
      Firstly you will need to reset your skills and you need to give your all skill points to healing. I mean you will need to learn 60th skill level of healing.

      For the question:
      Yes, you can generate good amount of coins with selling potions. We recommend you to sell only potion of favours.

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