What is Prayer of Grace in Knight Online?

Prayer of Grace is an item that you can create 360 HP recovery potions in Knight Online. Only level 60 healing priests can use this items. (Needs to get level 60 healing skill for that). Debuffers and buffers can not use these items. There are also three different prayer scrolls too. We have already introduced Prayer of Life and Prayer of Love for you. This item is doing same with other prayer scrolls which we have introduced for you but you will get a better health recovery potion in result. You are going to get Water of Grace if you use Prayer of Grace for your potions. It is a potion which regenerates health about 360 points. It is one of potions which people prefer to purchase. However people generally prefer to purchase Water of favors.

What is Effect of Prayer of Grace?

There is no effect of this scroll on any individuals. It is an ingredient that you can create potions: Water of Grace (360 HP Recovery Potion)

What is the Price of Prayer of Grace?

Buying from NPC Merhants: 770 Coin

Selling to NPC Merchants: 175 Coin

You can buy these items from NPCs anytime, however you will hardly find Prayer of Grace from player merchants. So we recommend you to purchase these items from NPCS.

Selling to Players: 500-700 Coin (Not recommended to sell these items)

Where to Find Prayer of Grace? Which Creatures Drop It?

Any creature can drop Prayer of Grace and it is very random. Drop rate of the item is not very high. Sundries are selling all kind of prayer scrolls.

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