What is Prayer of Love in Knight Online?

Prayer of Love is an ingredient item that will help you create water of love potions. If you would like to create these health potions, you need to be level 60 at the least, you need to be priest and you need to learn healing skills fully until level 60. Buffers and De-buffers won’t able to use this items nor create potions. You can create the second smallest health recovery potions with this item. We have already given information on Prayer of Life for you in our recent posts. People generally don’t purchase Prayer of Love potions from Merchants, so we recommend you to create higher potions if you are planning to sell them through merchant.

What is Effect of Prayer of Love Scroll

There is no effect of Prater of love scroll to your character. It is an ingredient for creating water of love potion with skills of level 60 Healing Priests.

What is Price of Prayer of Love

Buying from NPC: 330 coins

Selling to NPC: 75 coins

Buying from Player Merchants: Not Available

Selling to Players: 200-300 coins

We don’t recommend you to sell Prayer of Love to players through Merchant. It will be waste of time.

Where to Find Prayer of Love? Which Monsters Drop It?

Any creatures at castles and towns can drop these items. It is very random. People generally prefer to purchase these items from Sundries.




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