What is Spell of Life for?

Spell of life is a magician buff item on Knight Online. This item can be vital for you at PK, Hunts and Wars for you if you are a Magician. If you would like to use this item on the game, you will need to be 45 level magician at the least and it requires you to have minimum 120 intelligence points. If you are playing with another class, you won’t able to use this item.

What are Effects of Spell of Life?

There is only one effect of spell of life for Magicians:

  • Increases Health Point for 480.

What is Price of Spell of Life

Buying from NPC: 3,960 Coin

Selling to NPC: 900 Coin

You can buy these items from Sundries in Castles and Towns. Example: Sundries Zarta is selling these items in Moradon Castle.

Buying from Player Merchants: Unknown

Users are not generally selling spell of life.

Selling to Players with Merchant: Approximately 2000 – 3000 coins

Where to Find Spell of Life

Any creature in Moradon and Castles can drop spell of life. However players don’t expect creatures to drop it while hunting since its drop rate is not very high and it is very random. Players are generally prefer to buy these items from Sundries.

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