What is Stone of Life in Knight Online?

Stone of Life is an item that you will need to have in your inventory when you get level 60+ in Knight Online. These items will cut down your experience lose and you will receive some of your experience back after you dead. Experience lose will start to hurt you especially after level 70. Since every percent of experience will be very precious for you. You can find Stone of Life in Sundries.

How to Use Stone of Life After Died?

Unfortunately you can not use anything after you died in the game. You need find a priest that can resurrect you. These people called “Rezzer” or “Rez” in the game. You can also ask help someone for find a priest. Unfortunately all priests doesn’t have the skill. So it won’t be easy for you to find one. We recommend you to befriend some “rezzer”s after you get higher ranks.

How Much Stone of Life You Should Carry?

There are three type resurrections:

4 stones resurrection: If you carry 4 stones or less than 10 stones, priests can resurrect you with 4 stones. That will help you to get back a little bit experience back. We recommend you to carry more than 4 stones in your inventory. You will earn 60 percent of experience back with this skill.

10 stones resurrection: If you carry 10 or less than 30 stones, priests will resurrect your character with 10 stones of life. That will help you to get back good amount of experience back. You will earn 70 percent experience back with 10 stones.

30 stones resurrection: If you carry 30 stones, you will able to save very good amount of experience. You will earn 80 percent experience back with 30 stones.

What is Price of Stone of Life

Buying from NPC: 22,000 Coin

Selling to NPC: 5,000 Coin

Selling to Player: 15,000 – 20,000 Coin

Where to Find Stone of Life? Which Monsters Drop It?

You can find stone of life in any sundries who are located in cities, towns and castles. Any monster can drop stone of life, however drop rate of the item is very low. It is recommended to purchase them from player merchants or NPC merchants.

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