Where is Guard Patrick?

If you are seeking for Guard Patrick in Knight Online, you will find information about that on here. Guard Patrick is located in Moradon in USKO and EUKO and he is the main quest giver NPC for beginners. You will need to visit him several times before you get 35 level and there will be several quests of him. So better if you know the place where he is located!

Guard (Sentinel) Patrick’s Location in Moradon – Map

Guard Patrick’s Location

Guard Patrick’s location is in Moradon. When you are at Moradon, click on town or type /town to chat screen and go through El Morad Castle gate. You will need to turn left just before the gate through upstairs of Moradon. You will see him just near of upstairs. That’s all.¬†Guard Patrick is one of the most important NPCs for you at the beginning of the game. He is going to give you quests until you reach level 35 and it is important for you to go to El Morad Castle as soon as possible.

Quests of Guard Patrick

  1. Worm Hunting Quest
  2. Bandicoot Hunt Quest

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