Where is Jed in Knight Online?

Jed (also known as Warrior Jed) is one of NPCs where is located Folk Village in Knight Online. He gives quest after you complete the Potrang’s Aiding Fork Town mission. You can get several experience points from his missions in the game and you can level up faster. One of the most known quest of him is Suspicious Smuggler. You can easily find him in the Folk Village. He is located west of the village. (He is not outside of the village) You should pass by Potion Merchant Clepio and climb the hill in the village and you are going to see him soon.

Location of Jed in Knight Online

Location of Jed in Moradon Map (Click to Enlarge)
  • If you are not in Folk Village, click on town to get into Moradon immediately.
  • Go to one of warp gates (Karus or El Morad).
  • Right click on warp gate, select Folk Villate, hit enter to teleport.
  • After you arrive to Folk Village, start to run through Potion Merchant Clepio. He is one of NPC merchants of the game.
  • Go through west of Clepio and you will see Jed just near of you.
  • You can get quests from the Jed.

Quests of Jed

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