Where is Manager Bilbor Location in Knight Online?

Manager Bilbor (or Bilbore) is located in Moradon Castle in Knight Online. He is a quest giving NPC and also you can visit him for some promotions of the game. You can find him easily in Moradon and he is located upstairs. We are going to tell you how to find him, we will provide you a video about that and Moradon map. If you have any questions about Manager Bilbor, you can ask via commenting this page.

Location of Manager Bilbor (Bilbore)

Location of Bilbor on Moradon Castle Map (Click to Enlarge)
  • Click town if you are not in Moradon Castle. If you are not in Moradon, go to Moradon through warp gates and click town.
  • After you click on town, start go through north and climb upstairs of Moradon bazaar.
  • Go on to run through north and pass by Magic Anvil.
  • You will see Bilbor near of you if you go north of Magic Anvil in a few seconds.


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