Where is Menissiah (Daughter of Grand Merchant) in Knight Online?

Menissiah is one of the main quest giving NPC at the beginning of your Knight Online adventure and she is located in Moradon Castle. She gives you quite easy quests with good experience rewards. She generally complains that her Grand Merchant father doesn’t let him outside of Moradon Castle and she wants help from you for some tasks. You can get several tasks from her during your beginning period and you can level up faster. If you don’t know where she is located, you will find a good video here and we will also tell you how to find her step by step.

  1. If you are not in Moradon go there through a warp gate.
  2. If you are Moradon or one of towns which you can town to Moradon, just click on “town” button and teleport to castle immediately.
  3. After you teleport to castle, just go through west and Grand Merchant’s Daughter will be in front of you in a few seconds.
  4. You can select Menissiah with your mouse and then right click her to get new quests.

Menissiah is not a seller and she is only someone that you can get tasks on Knight Online.

Quests of Menissiah (Daughter of Grand Merchant Kaishan)

  • Silk Spool
  • Bandicoot Tooth
  • Making antifebriles pellets

These are some quests of Menissiah.

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