Where is Potrang in Knight Online?

[Kurian] Potrang is one of quest giving NPCs of Knight Online and he is located in Moradon. Actually it is very easy find this NPC on the game. All the same we are going to tell you how to find him. If you are beginner in the game, we recommend you to take a look at Potrang, after you have done the Bandicoot hunt quest of Patrick. He is going to give some easy tasks to you.

Location of [Kurian] Potrang

Location of Potrang on Moradon Map (Click to Enlarge)
  • If you are not in Moradon, you will need to go to Moradon through Warp Gates and click on Town button. If you are already in Moradon click on Town button.
  • Go through upstairs of Moradon Castles and turn west before you arrive upstairs. You will see Potrang just near of you. He is a Porutu like we have shown in the video and picture above.
  • Select Potrang and click right on him for getting a new quest.

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