Where is Zarta?

Zarta is a NPC merchant which sells sundries at Knight Online and he is located in Moradon. He is selling several useful stuffs which will help you while you are hunting and doing some quests. He is very close to you when you click on “Town” button in Moradon. You can find him with following steps:

  • If you are not in Moradon, go to warp gates and go to Moradon and click on town button. If you are in Moradon, just click on town button.
  • Go through west after you town and you will see Zarta after you pass near of Karus warp gate.

What is Zarta Selling?

These are items which you can purchase from Zarta:

  • Arrows
  • Spell of Life, Prayer of Life, Prayer of Grace, Prayer of  Love, Prayer of Favors.
  • Stone of Life
  • Blood of Wolf, Throwing Knife
  • Blessing Potion, Cure Potion, Prayer of god’s power, Prayer of Chronos
  • Styx
  • Flame, Glacier and Lightning Resistance Potions
  • Sling
  • Transformation Scroll
  • Stone of Warrior, Stone of Rogue, Stone of Mage, Stone of Priest
  • Silver Bar, Gold Coin, Silver Coin, Bronze Coin
  • Acid Potion
  • Transformation Gem
  • Weapon Enchant Scroll, Armour Enchant Scroll
  • Fantastic Gaiter-shaped Frame, Fantastic Gauntlet-shaped Frame, Fantastic Armor-shaped Frame, Fantastic Helmet-shaped Frame, Fantastic Boot-shaped Frame
  • Rods
  • Fork
  • Bamboo
  • Ancient Weapon Mold (Dagger, Jamadar, Crossbow, Polearm, Two Handed Axe, Staff, Mace, Shield


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