Where to Buy Arrows in Moradon?

Arrow is one of the main items of archers and you will really need many of them if you are planning to level up faster on the game. You can’t use archery skills if you don’t have any arrows in your inventory. Generally beginners of Knight Online are searching for arrows at Weapon sellers or Armour sellers. However arrows are can be only found in Sundries and there is one of them in Moradon Castle. NPC who is called Zarta is selling this item in Moradon and there are also many goods in his shop for Rogues and other classes. Styx and Blood of Wolf are the main items which you will need in the future. However you won’t need them just beginning of the game.

How to Find & Buy Arrows

The arrow price is just 1 gold. Sometimes it can be 1.1 gold though. You can buy several arrows for a cheap price from NPCs at Knight Online. However arrows doesn’t effect to damage you have done to your opponents.

You should do the following steps:

  • Click on Town or type /town to chat screen.
  • Begin to run ¬†through west.
  • After you pass to Karus gate, you will see Zarta there.

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